Thursday, November 29, 2007

Bollywood Buzz turns 1 year old!

What began as a casual time pass activity after my day job, has now grown into something way beyond what I ever expected!

Being a big time movie freak, I used to maintain a Hollywood Blog earlier (right now I hardly update it, however, next year I'm gonna start working on it again) but then all my friends and colleagues urged me to make a blog on Bollywood also.

Exactly one year ago, I posted my first article on this blog.

As I started posting articles on Bollywood news, I started getting positive feedbacks/comments/emails from all around the world encouraging me to continue with this blog.

For people interested in statistics, here they are:

This will be the 1569th post on Bollywood Buzz, and around 300 comments have been left on those posts. Traffic and RSS subscribers continue to grow - there are 272 RSS and email subscribers based on my Feedburner count and - at the time of writing this post - Bollywood Buzz has 2,20,290+ blog visits so far!

During the last 12 months, I've corresponded with some fantastic people and had a great time. The blogosphere is an amazing and unique place that is larger than the people posting in it. I'm proud to be a part of it.

I want to thank all those people who matter to me and without whom this blog was not possible in the first place.

# Tanya Palta of Our Bollywood

Tanya is my Guru of Blogging World. She was the one who taught me the basics of blogging, giving me tips on better presentation.

Every day, before posting anything on my blog, I always go through her site. She has her own unique style of writing and her site has the cream of Bollywood news. Anyone who is interested in getting fresh and quality Bollywood news, I would highly recommend her site, Our Bollywood.

Thank you Tanya…for being my mentor and a friend :o)

# IndiaFm, Glamsham, Rediff, Indiatimes, DNA India, Times Of India, Hindustan Times, RadioSargam, NaachGaana, MovieTalkies, PinkVilla and lots of other web portals...

Thank you all for providing the latest news, scandals, gossips, page 3 happenings/photographs and sensational scoops guys. Without you all, this blog would have never originated and survived!

# And above all….YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A very BIG THANK YOU to all those people out there in this world, who visit my blog and spend some time here.

Each one of you is dear to me. I really appreciate people coming over to my blog even though there are hundreds of blogs on Bollywood out there on the web.

Whenever someone leaves a comment on my blog, I make sure to visit his/her site too and leave a thank you note. I guess leaving a comment is far more effective than email. Anyone who is seriously into blogging would notice comments first on his/her site and this really helps in networking.

I really want to thank each and every one of you for reading my blog and for your comments. I would also like to thank all those who have linked me from their blog or have mentioned me in one of their blog posts.

As you all can see, I've integrated Meebo Messenger right on the top right hand corner of this blog (below the calendar) and whenever I'm online on any of my messengers (MSN, Yahoo, GTalk or AOL), anyone can have a LIVE CHAT with me :o)

Ok now, there is something I want to clarify here.

A lot of people, with whom I chat online or who left offline messages for me, have said that I always post 5-6 articles daily or sometimes don't post at all for 2-3 days whereas other Bollywood blogs post 30-40 articles daily (most articles are based on old news/saucy snaps of Bollywood actresses etc).

My answer to all such queries is: Bollywood Buzz is a Quality-based blog not a Quantity-based blog.

I only post articles/images which I think are best, to-the-point, relevant and fit for a family audience as well. You would never find any abusive, vulgar or stupid articles/images on this blog. I respect people and can't publish anything which is not suitable for a major chunk of public.

Anyways…I have no idea what the future may hold, or how long I can keep up with this blog. So far it has been too interesting to stop!

Once again people, Thank You for visiting my blog day by day. Looking forward to many more years together!

Take care everyone :o)


c e e d y said...

hey dude happy birthday - to you and your blog :)
only one suggestion - is it possible to start your videos in pause mode - when i log in - almost all of them are playing and it creates a cacophony
other than that I agree - that you have only the important news and keep it that way EXCLUSIVE

Ravi said...

Hey thanks a ton for your wishes and suggestion pal:)

I've spoken with (guys behind these video/video player) and they are looking into this.

I would be removing these annoying video players from my blog if this issue is not addressed in appropriate time!

Thanks again for stopping by :)

Tanya Palta said...

Hi Ravi,
Wow, I didnt know it has been one year! Thank you for mentioning my name, you are a little too kind!

I agree with Ceedy, those videos have to be fixed :)

Ravi said...

Hi Tanya,

Whatever I've mentioned about you is true. It was you who taught me about giving proper credit to the original news source/author, tips etc.

I've learned so much just by observing your blog, the content and the way you for me at least..You're a Guru :)

As far as the video player is concerned, I've escalated this to the people responsible for the content and player design.

Thanks for stopping by Tanya..its an honor to have your valuable comment on my blog :)

Lavs said...

I have been a ghost reader at your site for almost 6 months. You do a fantastic job providing us with quality bollywood news. Congrats on completing one year.

Ravi said...

@ Lavs - Thank you so much for your wishes Lavanya :)

I hope to entertain you with my work for years to come..and yes you too have an amazing blog..would be a regular reader of your content now for sure!

Take care :)