Thursday, December 6, 2007

Govinda plays a virgin in Jagmohan Mundhra's next movie

The actor who has been happily married for many years would certainly have difficulties in playing the role of a man who has never had sex!

Govinda is ready to play an unusual role - that of a 40-year-old virgin man in director Jagmohan Mundhra's next film.

Mundhra, who has so far dealt with serious issues in his films like Bawandar, Provoked and the upcoming Shoot On Sight, is looking forward to venture into comedy with his next film, which is believed to be based on Hollywood comedy The Forty Year Old Virgin.

The movie will have Govinda playing a nerd who keeps homebound, watching television or playing video games. But then, his friends find out that he is still a virgin and resolve to help him get some sex. What follows is a series of humorous situations.

Mundhra is reportedly planning to buy the remake rights of the Hollywood movie from which the film is inspired.

# Update - He is not doing the movie.

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