Thursday, December 6, 2007

Soha speaks her mind

Its been ages since we last saw Soha Ali Khan in Rakeysh Mehra's Rang De Basanti and Shivam Nair's Ahista Ahista.

Here's the latest interview she gave to TOI's Mandvi Sharma in which she talks about what makes her tick.

"I've some good films in hand, and my work is being appreciated. So, I'm happy!" she says. Soha has always been her own person, and this was more than evident after she went to England to study and stayed on her own.

"That's when I really got to know the person I was, besides learning what I really wanted out of life. But, I am still discovering myself. Sometimes, what you are is quite contradictory to what you turn out to be," she shares.

And what does she like to indulge in?

"Everything that is ready-to-eat because I am a great fan of comfort. Right now, my favorite food is broccoli and frozen yogurt. You'll always find that in my fridge," she smiles. Oh, frozen yogurt even after all that cough and cold? Some addiction!

"Yes, I guess, that's why the medicines have not been working," she laughs, adding that she has this ability to laugh at herself when she does something foolish. "More than doing something foolish, even if I have done something wrong, I'd rather accept it and correct myself."

Soha has been asked a lot of questions about big brother's personal life: Amrita-Saif, Rozza-Saif, and now, Kareena-Saif.

"I've always been asked these questions even though I'm not comfortable answering them. But I know, I'll have to give some answer even if it's a 'No comments'. However, I've always maintained that every person will answer for himself or herself, so I'll answer only for myself.

Even when questions are asked about my ex sister-in-law, I totally understand and so does she. She's also from the industry and knows how things work here," she says.

Ask her about her friendship with her Rang De Basanti co-star Siddharth, and she says matter-of-factly, " Sid and I, together with another friend, had gone to the premiere of Saawariya. Just because this friend is not from the industry, I knew that Sid and I would be written about. But that's ok with me."

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