Thursday, December 20, 2007

Salman and Kareena in Sohail Khan's Mr and Mrs Khanna

Salman Khan and Kareena Kapoor have finally decided to bury the hatchet.

The duo will be seen together in Sohail Khan Production's Mr and Mrs Khanna.

Mr and Mrs Khanna marks the debut of Prem Soni as a director. He is responsible for bringing Kareena and Salman together. Soni played the mediator and convinced Salman and Kareena to do his film.

Salman and Kareena weren't on talking terms for a long time. The situation got awkward between them after the Rockstar Concert happened in 2006. Shahid Kapoor - who was Kareena's boyfriend then - was a part of the concert along with Salman.

During the concert, Shahid tried to teach Salman a few dance steps. Salman, who is otherwise known for being an amiable person, did not take this too well as he expected Shahid to respect him for his seniority.

After that incident, Salman and Shahid had serious differences.

Salman has enough experience about performing live on stage. As he is a senior actor, he did not like Shahid trying to teach him to dance. This incident put Kareena in a tricky situation as Salman was Kareena and her sister Karishma's good friend. But, Kareena chose to side with Shahid rather than Salman.

Priyadarshan's Kyon Ki was the last film in which Salman and Kareena starred together.

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