Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Sonam Kapoor: Cosmopolitan cover girl for Dec, 07

If you do not believe in miracles, then all you need to do is to pick up the latest copy of the Cosmopolitan and what you have in store is an array of miraculous photographs of a sweet damsel who went around the world searching for her Saawariya.

You guessed it right.

We are indeed talking about Sonam Kapoor who adorns the cover of the latest issue of Cosmopolitan in a never-before avatar!

And what you have inside is this pretty lady just being herself; while she is still mentally pinching you to believe that she is the same simple girl who was shown in traditional clothes, coz' the script of the character demanded so.

Otherwise, she can be as cool as cool can be and as sweet as sweet can be.

In this issue, she talks all about her personal likes and dislikes and also her parents and her future plans of course, which we feel looks very bright.

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