Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Subi Samuel's Bollywood Calendar 2008: Abhishek Bachchan

With the New Year just around the corner, the market will be flooded with calendars of various sizes and shapes. This time, it's not just sizes and shapes, but also cool concepts as well.

Subi Samuel and Marching Ants have started the calendar-mania with all the Bollywood stars striking a 'comical' pose!

Their vision of Visual Wizardry will be showcased in their calendar will feature 24 of India's celebrated movie stars.

"Comic books don't go by the laws of physics," explains Rajeev - of Marching Ants - about the concept, "You can be trigger happy while creating them."

However, he explains that it's a complex procedure, incorporating this particular theme and its characters with real people. Subi adds that the key was to narrate a story though the photographs. Each actor in the calendar is featured as a comic character.

Here's the first comical story featuring Abhishek Bachchan as Sam:

Sam is a writer by profession. Since his wife was pregnant, he just doesn't want to move anywhere without her. This is what she had insisted for!

And when she wanted to be amidst 'goon town', the big city's most notorious neighbourhood, Sam wants her to be safe from all the possible dangers. But as luck would have it, his wife and unborn child get shot by accident in a drive by shooting.

Sam tries every possible effort to look for justice, all including the legal system, from the local politician et al. He is not able to digest the fact that the killers are roaming freely without a care. Hence, he drowns in the ocean of sorrow and solitude for days together.

And then, he simply picks up a pen to write a story about his life.

And lo! He goes out and hunts not only his wife's killers but also all those who were part of the same breed. And every night, his pen would be dipped in the blood of the culprits, would write pages for him.

The city had destroyed him, its laughter resonating, but the city's nightmare was only just beginning..

Note: This calendar happens to be a limited edition and will be distributed strictly through private circulation.

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