Monday, January 21, 2008

Salman Khan to write a book on bodybuilding!

No doubt, Salman is one of the fittest actors in Bollywood. He has a well toned body and has always believed in maintaining it.

apparently loves to work out and has given many young rising stars in Bollywood, tips on working out and developing a fit body.

Well now it seems, Salman wants to give tips on bodybuilding, and so, he is toying with the idea of writing a book on bodybuilding!

According to industry sources, "He wants to write a first person prologue on what got him into body building. In fact, he plans to trace his journey from his skinny days in Maine Pyar Kiya, to his toned up body."

Right now, Salman is not sure about what will be the main topics in the book, but he is reading up on fitness books written by well-known authors.

He seems to be taking his writing quite seriously, as just recently, he completed the script for his film, Veer.

Stay tuned in!


Uzo said...

It will be more believable coming from him....

Ravi said...

@uzo - You bet!

I'm sure there would be many takers for this book :o)

Take care!

иidhi S said...

I juz wish him all the luck...

and he's the best...and isnt he sm kind of a master of all trades kindof..

acting, scripting, modeling, wax model, social work, painting, singing, writing ( now...wt else is in store....

Ravi said...

@иidhi S - It's true, buddy!

Salman is - what we call - Jack of all trades :o)

Hey..thanks for coming, mam :o)

Take care!