Thursday, February 14, 2008

Aishwarya Rai gets candid on Valentine's Day

It's Valentine's Day and love is in the air.

More so for Aishwarya Rai-Bachchan and hubby Abhishek, who are celebrating their first Valentine together, as a married couple.

And though tight-lipped about their plans for the day, Aishwarya says that her approach to such days is simple.

"Every day is a simple day and every day is a celebration. What you make of every moment is what it's all about."

Admitting that she's as curious as we are to know what the day will bring, she recalls the previous year's Valentine's Day when their affair was surrounded with speculation and rumours.

"It was a very special time for us, as we were engaged. But it was quite hectic. I was shooting for Jodhaa Akbar and working full throttle.

Going up and down to Karjat and knowing that marriage was not too far away, I was working at it all - completing the film and our marriage preparations," she reminisces.

So, what's her idea of a perfect romantic date?
"Togetherness is perfect, whatever the setting," says the Bachchan bahu.

And who's the more romantic of the two?
"I really don't know," she blushes, adding, "We don't get into all this. We are just very happy with each other and I think that in itself says a lot."

And what is the most romantic thing Abhishek's done for her?
"Well, he proposed to me! To want to spend the rest of our lives together is by far, the most romantic thing, I could've experienced. It is very special, very real," says the actress.

Is there anything she would want to change in him?
"Currently there is nothing that I need to change in him," comes the reply.

And what is the one thing she really loves about him?
"It's difficult to put it down to one thing. I just love him and that's why I'm married to him," she gushes.

"He's all rolled into one - a fabulous actor, a great husband and an excellent friend. I love him. He is the best in everything he does or is," she says flashing a dazzling smile.

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