Thursday, February 14, 2008

Shah Rukh Khan gets candid on Valentine's Day

He is the eternal Rahul of Indian cinema, the lover who always gets the heroine in the end!

But call him that, and Shah Rukh Khan just throws up his hands and says resignedly, "People call me a lot of names; I don't mind being called any!

Then on a serious note, the King of Romance adds, "I have reached the giving stage of my Bollywood love affair. I want to give more and more love to my audience through my work. If you want to call it love...please go ahead!"

But SRK is not the kind to straitjacket love in the confines of Valentine's Day.

"I have never really understood this day. According to me, love has so many facets. For instance, if you asked Don Juan, he would have said that loving 1700 women was the nicest thing in his life.

And I think I would respect that also. The beauty of love is that it has no boundaries. For me, love means my children. I am in love with the undiplomatic and innocent stage of life that they are in," he says.

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