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Relationships in Bollywood

First they are spotted together, hand in hand, then they vehemently deny there's romance brewing, and finally they tie the knot in either a very private ceremony, or in a mega affair!

Real life romances in Bollywood are a far cry from their on-screen versions, in which, the lovers proclaim their love in the loudest fashion.

Personal questions are always fielded with cliches like 'We're just friends' and most actors dismiss them with a 'no comments'. Some B-town stars refuse to define their relationship, even after years of courtship!

Bollywood Buzz brings you an insight on Relationships in Bollywood:

# Aishwarya Rai Bachchan never acknowledged any of her relationships, till she took marriage vows with Abhishek last year.

# Manoj Bajpai also kept his affair - with long-term girlfriend Neha - under wraps, before marrying her in February 2005, without the media's knowledge.

So, why are celebrity affairs always closeted?

Says Manoj, "I'm an actor, not a public figure. My wife and personal life aren't supposed to entertain the public. Constitutionally, I'm allowed to safeguard my personal life, hence I've never discussed its details. Besides, I've never been the subject of rumours. We get sick of the rumours surrounding us and sometimes it clouds our judgement of co-actors."

Actors become especially guarded about their personal life in case of talk about extra-marital affairs, or even in the initial stage of a budding romance.

# After divorcing first wife Reena, Aamir Khan kept his relationship with Kiran Rao a secret, for a long time, before they finally got married in December 2005.

# Similarly, it took pictures splashed across dailies, and some time, before Saif Ali Khan confirmed his relationship with Kareena Kapoor.

Reports about extra marital affairs, in particular, result in uncomfortable situations at home, say stars.

# Twinkle Khanna - whose hubby Akshay Kumar has been linked with co-stars like Priyanka Chopra, post-marriage - says, "I neither hid my relationship nor flaunted it. We don't react to reports, since, I've seen my parents being written about it and know how to deal with it. People shouldn't take advantage of our silence."

# On again-off again romances like Shahid Kapoor and Vidya Balan's take up column space, and is never acknowledged by either party. It's probably because the lovebirds - mostly on the rebound - aren't sure about the strength of their relationship.

Sometimes, affairs are not acknowledged because of parental pressure!

# Ranbir Kapoor never accepted his affair with Deepika Padukone in the press, because his parents weren't comfortable with it.

The 'home-breaker' tag attached to actresses also makes them clam up. For eg.:

# Preity Zinta being held responsible for the Suchitra-Shekhar Kapur divorce

# Shilpa Shetty dating a married NRI

While nursing a broken heart or dealing with a divorce, they'd rather not be written about, say actors.

# Priyanshu Chatterjee - who divorced model Malini Sharma in 2001 - says, "It's difficult to get over someone, when your break-up is constantly being discussed in the media. That's when celebs avoid the media. In my case, not much was written about my divorce. So it was slightly relaxed. But some reports - surrounding relationships - change the way, you are viewed in your professional life."

Yet a handful of couples have been transparent - about their relationships - right from the word go!

# Arshad Warsi - Maria Goretti

# Arbaaz Khan - Malaika Arora

# Zayed Khan - Malaika Khan

# Hrithik Roshan - Sussane Khan

# Ashish Chaudhary - Samita Bangargi


They feel shielding their relationship - from the media - will trigger more speculation, about their personal lives.

Says Samita, "Single status matters a lot to some actors. They want their fans to believe, that they're single. But Ashish and I have been open about our relationships - ever since we started dating eight years ago - because people like you for your work, and not for your relationship status."

On a personal note: I've been in a relationship before, however, that didn't worked out.

And now, I don't care about getting in a relationship anymore (or to marry anyone for that matter!), because of so many reasons, which I would've love to share with you all, however - this being a Bollywood News blog - I would skip my personal blah blah!

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Dawn....सेहर said...

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Amazing stuff on Bollywood I must say :) Interesting, will visit more often :)


Ravi said...

@Dawn....सेहर - Thank you so much for taking time out n visiting my blog, mam :o)

I hope, I would be able to entertain you - with whatever little I publish - every time you visit my blog!

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Daddy's Girl said...

Fantastic post, Ravi, really comprehensive and well-researched. It would be really nice if Bollywood couples could feel free to be open and honest about their relationships - for less-famous folks like Malaika and Arbaaz it's somewhat doable, but for the A-list folks like Bebo and Saif, I would imagine that all the media attention would probably get really intrusive. So maybe there's some wisdom in Ash's closed-mouth approach. Why don't you want to be in a relationship someday, though? Life gets lonely...

иidhi S said...



well good topic u tokk up

even i think about it a lot...stupid people stupid ways of thinking...first they would tell u theres nuthin and next day u'll cm 2 knw..they r marriead.....dumbass..

иidhi S said...

hey wase

i started a new blog..

if you r interested in Harry potter..u will like it..mine is a fan fiction

Ravi said...

@Daddy's Girl - Thanks for appreciating my post :o)

Strange are the ways of Bollywood, I tell you ;o)

On the personal front -

I know, life gets lonely (it does pinches me sometimes) but then, I've chosen this path, and I know, I've to cover it alone only, as I don't think there is anyone out there - in this shit-ass wicked world - who is worthy of my unconditional love/affection!

At one time, I used to be a die-hard romantic...I would do anything for my beloved...but then, when I faced rejection from her - just because I was not from a rich family - I completely lost faith in women and their love.

That day, I learnt a bitter lesson and from that day onwards, I lost all faith in the 4 letter word.

It's been 12 years - since I last proposed to someone and got rejected - and these 12 years I've spent working like a n night...and now, nothing matters to me..I wont let anyone break my heart..again!

I'm happy being a loner....

Being a typical Piscean, I'm a day dreamer, soft n sensitive/caring and nowadays, the females are so damn fast n have a corporate style mind frame that, I think, I'd better be single/emotionally independent, rather than being a slave for someone, obeying her silly demands/cravings, etc etc!

It's very hard to find a genuine woman, who would love me for my nature, for what I'm in reality, and not for my bank balance (which is non-existent most of the time!) you see...

Every woman wants a Super-Duper Rich Guy with swanky wheels and a fat bank balance (no matter how shit head he is in real life!). You won't find any woman falling for a middle-class guy (no matter how decent he is!)

It's a stupid world/society we all are living in, mam...and I guess, that's how things are, in the 21st century!

Anyways, so sorry to bore you with my "personal blah blah!"

Thanks for dropping by, mam :o)

Take care!

Ravi said...

@иidhi S - I agree with you when you say,"first they would tell u theres nuthin and next day u'll cm 2 knw..they r marriead.....dumbass.."!

It's so damn true, and that's why, I thought of putting up this article ;o)

As far as reading Harry Potter (or Puttar as we say in apni Punjabi!) is concerned, I'm not into reading fan fiction stories, buddy..though I've watched all Harry Potter movies and I loved them :o)

However, I would definitely visit your blog!

Thanks for dropping by, Nidhi :o)

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Daddy's Girl said...

Hi Ravi, thanks for answering my question. It's sad to know that you went through such an experience, but believe me, not all women are like that. There are still some good women out there who are not materialistic, who care about a man's decency and who are looking for a nice, caring person to be with and to care for in return. I know you are not looking and are happy with your life as it is, but I do hope that someday (maybe by accident), you meet someone who makes you believe in love again.
By the way, great job with the blog, your articles are excellent.

Ravi said...

@Daddy's Girl - Thanks for your kind words and for appreciating my blog :o)

It's because of people like YOU, I maintain this blog..

All your comments and feedbacks encourage me to move forward :o)

Take care!

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Ravi said...

@Solitaire - "These million things" help me generate little bit of revenue which helps in paying off certain costs (internet bills etc) involved in blogging.

Also, I'm planning of quitting my job and becoming a full time blogger and so, I need "these million things" (and maybe in coming days, a new blog template and then it would be "zillion things"!) to pay off the bills in future :o)

As far as slowness is concerned, I'm sorry about and when my new blog template is ready, it would be taken care of!

"don't compare your love life with bollywood!!" - Point taken, mam :o)

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