Saturday, March 24, 2007

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Adnan Sami's new Album with T-Series Kisi Din will feature the attractive and svelte Yana Gupta who will be seen on-screen after quite some time.

This dazzling lady charged absolutely nothing for the video! When asked for the reason for this generous gesture, Yana had only one thing to say, "Well, the best things in life come for free! Also I truly enjoyed working with Adnan and the director as well. I feel this video will project me in a very different way and that's why I did it." Looks like the spirit of generosity is in the air!

With this album Yana joins the elite list of leading ladies that Adnan Sami has revered in his albums. The lady has been keeping quite busy by endorsing a fitness brand and is about to come out with her own fitness book as well as a show on it! What's more she is also going to conduct women's workshops. Quite a brand ambassador for women power!

This album in collaboration with T-Series is a much awaited album after a hiatus of three years when Adnan was completely immersed in playback singing. In this album he is featured with his much anticipated new look.


Anonymous said...

When is the album coming out???

Ravi said...


As of now release date is not confirmed. Whenever its released I would be the first one to post a video of it on my keep checking buddy and thanks for visiting my blog :o) Cheers!