Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas from Kareena, Amrita and Bollywood Buzz!

Happy Holidays are here again. And we ought to doff our Santa hats to Charles Dickens.

For it was he, who through his story, A Christmas Carol, revived the festival. A happy and joyous occasion for gifts, pudding and the ho-ho-ing cuddly Santa.

A time for love and friendship, celebrating their dostis among other things on this merry day are friends Kareena Kapoor and Amrita Arora, who reminisce about Christmas trees, stockings full of goodies, midnight masses, sumptuous meals and Santa.

"I've been celebrating X'mas ever since I was in my mom's arms. Not many know that my mother is half Christian and that Christmas is celebrated in our home in a big way. We attend midnight mass, decorate a Christmas tree and do everything that a traditional Christian family would," says Kareena.

So X'mas is another common factor between them, besides being younger siblings to two very hot-and-sexy sisters. And though they admire Karishma and Malaika, Bebo and Amu claim to have had their share of fights with them over X'mas gifts.

"I always wanted the gift Malaika got. I used to fight for it, and when she eventually gave it to me, I used to fight again, as I thought she didn't like her gift enough, and in reality mine was better. She used to get so fed up, and eventually let me keep both," laughs Amrita.

Kareena describes Santa as "good-looking, sexy, nice, cuddly and protective". It was at age seven or eight that Bebo got to know that Santa wasn't real.

"But I still love him. For he reflects good things and happy moments," she says. Amrita adds, "I was in a constant state of denial. It's only at 11 that the truth slowly sunk in, and I learned that mom was actually Santa. Till date, it is she who fills our stockings with chocolates, candies and little gifts."

The best X'mas presents these two girls have ever received have been from their respective elder sisters.

"It has to be my nephew Arhaan," says Amrita, "He could've well been bundled and left under the X'mas tree for me. Now we spoil him on Christmas." For Kareena, it's her niece Samaira that makes the world wonderful.

But will these two actress-friends exchange gifts today?

"We keep picking up stuff for one another wherever we go," says Amrita, "It doesn't have to be Christmas. But yes, why not? There's always place for gifts for our loved ones under the tree."

Here's wishing all Bollywood Buzz readers a joyful and splendid Merry Christmas!!

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